The Importance of Video

Our Services

Our goal is to make your story look and feel spectacular. So, long before we start filming and long after we finish, our team is hard at work creating. Below are a few of the major services we provide along the way:

Full Service Video Team

Our video team includes a multi-camera setup (including a drone and a gimbal stabilizer), professional lighting, and high quality audio equipment, giving us the ability to capture beautiful footage to tell your story.

Audio Mastering

One of the most important aspects of video production is audio quality. During the editing process, our team edits and masters each piece of audio to make sure that your story is heard and remembered.

Custom Graphics

Many projects require the use of graphics, which can range from simple logos to full intro and outro sequences. Should your project require it, the Walkosey team creates custom logos and graphics that fit your project’s needs to make sure that it has that polish that will set it apart.

Creative Team Access

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a video production agency is the understanding of audio-visual storytelling that the creative team brings to the table. By hiring Walkosey, you have access to professional writing and directing that can translate your vision to the screen in its most effective form.

Editing and Consultation

Most of the work in a well organized video production goes on before and after filming. Our team consults with all of our clients both during pre-production and the editing process to make sure that your story and your brand are remembered.


Pricing depends on the amount of time that the people on our team will spend working on the production. The industry standard as well as Walkosey’s baseline pricing model for video production is $500 per half day from preproduction through the end of the editing process.

We would be happy to take a look at your project and send you an exact estimate though! Our contact information can be found here.

Valuing Productions

The most important goal of every video production is to impact the audience. Everything else it just semantics. Below are the pieces of every project that we will consider when determining how to maximize its value for you. To talk more in depth about your project, you can find our team’s contact information here.


The story is for the benefit of your audience. Every choice we make depends on who that is. A customer facing project will have great potential for return and should have higher production value. A project for internal personnel, however, may have its optimal return through simplicity.


To reach an audience, we need to tell them a story. It should be clear and authentic to build your relationship with them. Our team will need to work with yours to determine the scripting, direction, and tone for your story that will connect your audience most resolutely with you.


After the stylistic choices have been made, we will need to find locations and actors (if needed), rent equipment (as needed), and then film the movie. Every project will have its hurdles and requirements, but the more resources that we can put into production, the more impactful the final product will be.


Style pertains to the look and feel of a production. Before we start filming, our team will need to work with yours to decide everything from the framing and composition of each shot to the pacing and duration of the final product. These choices will largely determine the scope and logistics of production.


The best editors are the ones who the audience will never notice. Some projects require graphic work, audio mixing, and/or a myriad of other intricacies that can influence the price point, but every choice that we make in post-production is designed to bring you the optimal value to engage your audience.

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