Walkosey Productions was started in 2015 by two lifelong friends who share a love for storytelling. Since that time, the Walkosey team has worked with a wide range of clients from tech start-ups to political campaigns to Fortune 500 companies in an effort to capture and tell great stories. Our philosophy has always been that you can’t learn while waiting for someone else to give you experience, so find what you love doing and go do it!

Our Goals

Our goals for production are simple: tell stories that are beautiful and meaningful. Without a story that captures the attention of the audience, a video has no value. We make it our job to find the unique and defining human connection that will captivate your audience. Then, we work with you to tell it on screen!

Why Video?

Although there are many ways to tell a great story, we have always been captivated by film. There is no greater medium to share an experience or interaction than video, and when crafted by the right hands, there is none more moving. Whether it is information, an idea, or an emotion, video is the most far reaching and engaging form of communication in the world.

Our Team

The Walkosey team is made up of creative, hardworking people who have a passion for storytelling. Check out our bios below if you would like to learn more about our stories!

  • Walker Anthony
    Walker Anthony Account Director

    Hi, I’m Walker! I’m the Account Director as well as one of the founding partners at Walkosey Productions. I graduated from Wake Forest University in 2017 with a degree in computer science and political science, but I have always been a filmmaker as well. I formed Walkosey Productions with Ian our junior year because our mutual interest in filmmaking over the years had developed into an opportunity to put our creativity to work telling stories for companies. Little did we know at the time that it would flourish into storytelling opportunities that we never expected to have. And that’s my goal for this company: to grow through creating memorable, exiting, and impactful videos for each of our clients. As the account director I am in charge of client relationships, writing, and directing for our productions, so if you reach out to us, I’m likely who you’ll meet first!

  • Ian Josey
    Ian Josey Creative Director

    I’m Ian, the creative director at Walkosey Productions. That means I head up the directing, cinematography, and editing for all of our projects. You will find me behind a camera most of the time on a production. Outside of work I spend my time looking for creative inspiration for the next amazing story. I have always loved stories in books and movies. Walker and I started Walkosey out of a mutual interest in video production and storytelling. We did not realize that our hobby could turn into careers after just a few years. My goal is to take Walkosey to the next level creatively with every project.

Our goal with Walkosey Productions is to build a brand for you through video production that is based in YOUR passions for your product, YOUR visions for your company, and YOUR unique solutions within your market. Somewhere amidst the desire to get people’s attention, the most essential component of branding is forgotten: the story of you. Walkosey Productions was born out of a shared passion for storytelling. With the constant barrage of content made possible by social media, it has become clear that there is a need for true storytelling in marketing and branding again to ensure your content floats to the top.  A brand is nothing more than a personality. Every company has one because every person has one. We are here to help you translate your personality into content that will ENGAGE your audience, INFORM them of the impacts of your product, and CONNECT them to your company by showing them who you are.

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